Western Auto was the only shop who didn’t try and sell me an entire new system. They only wanted to replace the part that needed to be replaced, which saved me A LOT of money.
— Jessica O., Yelp Reviewer

Western Auto Service specializes in all minor and major Japanese auto repair services. From a basic oil change to a scheduled maintenance, our technicians are trained to handle any auto repair. If your vehicle needs auto repair, preventive maintenance, or just an inspection give us a call today at (619) 281-0424. 

The following are only a few of all the auto repair services we perform: 

  • Scheduled Maintenance Repair – 7,500 mile service, 15,00 mile service 30,000 mile service
  •  Diagnostics — Check your engine light, engine stalls and other diagnostic issues
  •  Brake System — Brake pads, hydraulic ABS systems, rotors, drums
  •  Fluid Flushing — Cleaning of fuel injectors, throttle body, valves
  •  Drivetrain — Engine, transmission, hubs, shafts
  •  Steering and Suspension — Shocks, struts, ball joints, alignments
  •  Air Conditioning — Evacuate, recharge, compressors/condensers, leaks
  •  Heating and Cooling — Water pumps, radiators, hoses
  •  General Maintenance — Oil changes, wiper blades, tire rotations
  •  Windshield – Repair or Replacement
  •  Transmission – Automatic/Manual ( Service and Repair)
  •  Timing Belt Replacement